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NUFE originated from Nanjing Food school, which was founded in 1956, belonging to Ministry of food (Now, it is State Administration of Grain). In 1981, the name was changed to Nanjing Institute of Food Economy, and in 2003, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. Over the 30 years, the University persists in its school tradition, take advantage of discipline of food and keep serving food industry. College of Food Science is key research and teaching unit in Nanjing university of finance and Economics. We have several research platforms and public service center: National Engineering lab for food Storage and transportation, State adminstration of Grain technology center for grain and oil quality inspection; Jiangsu Public service center for grain and oil quality and safety, China-Canada Research center for stored grain Ecosystems, Joint International Laboratory on Grain Circulation and Security; China Grian Circulation management training center; Department of technology development etc. You all see, we have food science and engineering building with 20 thousand square meters, 25 research and teaching labs, and the value of the equipment and instrument is up to 80 million Chinese Yuan.

China-Canada Research center for stored grain Ecosystems is a research, academic communication and educational training platform established by four leading research institute for stored grain in china and University of Manitoba, Canada. Four institutes include academy of state administration of Grain, Nanjing university of Finance and Economics, Henan university of technology, Chengdu research institute of stored grain. The focus of the center is to improve the research capacity of stored grain ecosystems and construct research network platform for stored grain ecosystems around the world, relying on the advanced grain storage facilities and strong research teams of China and Canad.

In recent five years, the college undertook 143 projects funded by National High Technology Research and Development Program, national science foundation, and national science and technical support program. The annual research funds are more than 20 million Chinese Yuan. As one of the participating organization, we won the first prize of national science and technology progress award.

The characteristic and advantage of college of food science and engineering include: 1)the research program of food storage and transportation engineering and technology: research ares: key factors to impact food quality and safety during storage, logistics, trade process, critical control point, and control techniques. 2) food safety and quality control: researches on grain and oil quality inspection and safety evaluation, quality changes and their control during the processing. 3) research on functional foods: including the preparation of functional products, the value added transformation and utilization of by-products for grain and oil processing.  

College of Food science and engineering college has four deparmtents;  deparment of food science and engineering, food quality and safety, biological engineering, applied  chemistry.  Food science and engineering is key discipline of Jiangsu province. We have 116 faculty and staff members, , including 30 professor, 22 associate professor. At the same time we have "grain and oil quality control and further processing " and “functions and safety of grain and oil” technology innovation team of jiangsu province. Now the college has more than 800 unndergraduates and over 200 graduate students. In addition, we collaborate with college of agriculture and food in univeristy of manitoba to develop dual degree undergraduate student in food science and engineering, plant science, animal science, and agricultural economics.