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Food Quality and Safety


Food science and engineering major in Nanjing University of Finance and Economics is the first-class undergraduate construction major recognized by the ‘Double Ten Thousand Plan’ of   Ministry of Education. It is also the national special major, brand specialty of Jiangsu Province, key specialty of Jiangsu Province and ranked A class in Soft Science Chinese University Specialties in 2021.


Training objectives: Our training objective focuses on the national economic growth and the technology development in food industry, and relies on the advantages of teaching platform with food characteristics. Our major aims to equip students with solid knowledge of food science and engineering, economics, management and law theory, who are familiar with the basic theory, skills and research methods of food science and engineering. We aim to cultivate students' all-round development in morality, intelligence, physique, art and labor. Our goal is to enable students to have social responsibility, international vision, innovation spirit and entrepreneurial ability, which can be used in food engineering and production management. We hope to raise the skilled inter-disciplinary talents in engineering and technology, who will devote to grain industry and manage to work on product development, engineering design, safety production, technology innovation, scientific research, cost control and management. We wish the students will gradually grow into qualified builders and reliable successors for socialism.


Main courses: university physics, inorganic and analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, food chemistry, microbiology, food engineering principles, mechanical design basis, food machinery and equipment, food technology, food machinery and equipment, food factory design, food analysis, food safety, functional food, food nutrition, food physical properties and sensory analysis, and food additives. The curriculum is closely related to the food industry. According to the training type and employment direction, students are guided to choose the corresponding courses. The courses are tailored to cultivate different professional talents. There are three kinds of optional elective courses, namely, food engineering, information federation and industrial management.


Further education: Students can pursue master or doctor degree in international universities, research institutions and domestic 985/211 project universities. Some alumni graduated from this major pursued higher degree in Cornell University, University of California, Davis, National University of Singapore, Manitoba University of Canada, Chinese University of Hong Kong, etc.


Employment situation: Undergraduates graduated from this major now work in various food processing enterprises, institutions and relevant management departments, such as China National Grain Reserve, Yihai Jiali, COFCO Corporation, Yurun Group, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Food and Drug Administration System, Industry and Commerce Administration System. In 2020, the employment rate of undergraduate graduates was 100%, with 35% pursuing higher degree.