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Food Science and Engineering

In 2021, the major of food quality and safety ranked class A in Professional ranking of Chinese universities and the key major of colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province.


Training objectives: cultivate students with a strong sense of social responsibility and good professional ethics, systematically master the basic theories and knowledge of mathematics, chemistry and biology, and master the basic theories, technologies and methods of food science, food nutrition, food microbiology, food analysis, food quality management and safety control, food safety supervision and management, etc, Be able to engage in food production, analysis and testing, food quality management, risk assessment, safety assessment, quality certification, supervision and management, teaching and scientific research in relevant food enterprises, inspection institutions, certification institutions, supervision and management departments, scientific research institutions and other enterprises and institutions, and have certain independent work, innovative practice, self-development Innovative and applied professionals with comprehensive abilities such as international exchange.


Main courses: biochemistry, microbiology, food analysis, food nutrition, food toxicology, principles of food engineering, food standards and regulations, food quality management and safety control.


Further education: the proportion of further education at home and abroad in the past three years is about 20%. Students can go to famous European and American food universities / research institutions (such as Cornell University, University of California Davis, British Food Research Institute, Guelph University in Canada, Wageningen University in the Netherlands, etc.) to study for a master's / doctoral degree, or to domestic "985" key universities, research institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units.


Employment destination: enterprises and institutions related to the food industry, such as production and circulation, analysis and testing, industry and commerce, food and drug administrative supervision, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, scientific research, colleges and universities, can also be engaged in food analysis and testing, quality control management, safety evaluation, technology R & D, scientific research, etc. In 2020, the employment rate of undergraduate graduates of this major was 96% and the masters' degree enrollment rate was 36%.