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Grain Engineering

In 2021, the major of Grain Engineering, as the origin major of this university in 1956, ranked A+ in the ranking of Soft Science among Chinese universities. This major is also recognized as the key major of colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province.


Training objectives: cultivate students who adapt to the national strategy and high-quality development of grain and oil industry in the new area, with solid basic knowledge of natural science and basic theory, and also professional knowledge and practical skills of grain engineering. Graduates of this major should also have the following qualities, including high humanities and social science literacy, innovation awareness and international vision, all round development in morality, intelligence, physique, art and labor. They are considered to be capable of scientific research, technology management, product development, quality control as well as engineering design related to food engineering.


Main courses: food chemistry, principles of food engineering, fundamentals of mechanical design, grain and oil technology, grain processing technology and equipment, principle and technology of grain storage, grain drying and ventilation, comprehensive training of grain storage and transportation, etc.


Further education: the enrollment rate of students at home and abroad is about 25% in recent years. Students can go to famous universities/research institutions (such as Jiangnan University, Zhejiang University, China Agricultural University, University of Manitoba, and research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.) to pursue their master or doctoral degrees.


Employment destination: in recent 3 years, graduates of this major have found good employment in many well-known companies and government departments, including central grain reserve Co., Ltd and local grain reserve Co., Ltd, administration for Industry and commerce, food and drug administration, bureau of quality and technical supervision as well as various large and medium-sized grain and oil and food enterprises. The employment rate has always remained at 100.0% in these years, ranking the top in Jiangsu province.